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Working to improve the lives of domesticated Gerbils

Character: Merrill Young

Played By: Ilona Elkin

Character Name: Merrill Young

Merrill is the sensible and smart one from the group. She hands in work on time, works hard and gains rewards. But there is another side to Merrill, a dark and dangerous side from which only evil can come.

What did Ilona think of her time on the show? We find out here...

"Vampire High is one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I've never done anything so long, so long lasting and extensive. But also some of the people that I've met are incredible. In a lot of ways it ruined my life, my personal life, but it also gave me different things in return."

Name: Ilona Elkin

Birth Date: 1 October 1976

Ilona Elkin was born in Finland with her name originally being Ilona Utriainen. She had small acting roles until she starred in Vampire High. From then on she has had major success starring in two TV shows, several films and multiple guest leads. Her latest role was in The Telephone Eulogies.