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Character: Karl Todman

Played By: Paul Hopkins

Character Name: Karl Todman

The youngest and most naive of the bunch, he has not known what being a Vampire is for long. For this reason he can be lead astray easily and craves knowledge to be a real Vampire and make his kills. But in the end will his actions go to far and ruin the experiment?

What did Paul think of his time on the show? We find out here...

"We would, uh, we would have a really good time in between takes, a lot of laughing and stuff like that, I mean the dynamics in between the cast is, is equally as interesting, if not more interesting than the dynamics between the characters in the show. So, uh, so that was always very entertaining. Um, what else, without getting into too much dirt, if you know what I mean? Um. So that was always fun. And there's always a lot of good laughs. I think that we enjoyed doing the show. We enjoyed working with each other. And we had a lot of fun, so yeah, thats probably the best thing about it. (The interviewer asks "In a lot of other shows with some similar themes, what would you say is unique about Vampire High?") *Paul has a long pause* I'm in it. That makes it very unique, um, and its very different. I'm not in any of the other shows so its pretty different. Um, its a half hour, it short, its quick, its dramatic in a half hour and its kinda funny and its got a lot of heart."

Name: Paul Hopkins

Paul Hopkins has had many roles before and after his time on Vampire High. His most recent tole was in the television movie The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall in 2008!